Communities, Commerce, and the Bioeconomy: Innovations to Sustain the World’s Forests

The twelfth meeting of MegaFlorestais was held in Vancouver and on Quadra island, in British Columbia, Canada, on October 15-20, 2017 and co-hosted by the Canadian Forest Service-Natural Resources Canada, the Rights and Resources Initiative, and the Province of British Columbia. Delegations from the following countries attended the meeting: Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, DR Congo, Peru, Sweden, and the USA.

Topics discussed

  • Community forest entreprises: status, contributions, innovative strategies
  • Local innovations in forest governance
  • Building resilience
  • From conflict to collaboration: the Great Bear Rainforest case study
  • Bioeconomy.

Field trip: Visits around Quadra Island

The group visited Elk Falls Provincial Park and the Great Bear Rainforest.



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