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Welcome to MegaFlorestais

What is MegaFlorestais?

MegaFlorestais is an informal network of public forest agency leaders dedicated to advancing international dialogue and exchange on transitions in forest governance, forest industry, and the roles of public forest agencies. The group includes the heads of forestry agencies of the largest forested countries in the world, and provides the opportunity for these leaders to share their experiences and challenges in a frank and open manner.  The process aims to foster stronger relationships between forest agencies, collectively strengthening their abilities to play leading roles in addressing forest governance and sustainable forestry issues. 

Created in honor of the network's 10th anniversary, this video introduces MegaFlorestais, its leaders, and its role in promoting more equitable and more sustainable forest management:

MegaFlorestais members are Brazil, Canada, the USA, China, DR Congo, India, Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, Sweden, and Cameroon.  They represent about 50% of the world's forests.

Additional countries have taken part in activities of the MegaFlorestais network:




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