• MegaFlorestais is a truly unique forum: for over a decade, this informal network has brought together leaders from forest agencies of the 12 most forested countries in the world to advance international dialogue and exchange on transitions in forest governance, the ecological and social value of forests, forest industry, and the role of public forest agencies.
  • Activities of this network aim to promote open and frank discussions, and foster closer relationships between forest agencies, collectively strengthening their abilities to play leading roles in advancing sustainable forestry and forestry’s contribution to global social and economic development.
  • Why are these discussions critical?
    Forests provide a range of essential services: clean air, water, timber, food, etc. In the next decades, forests will continue to play an essential role in achieving the goals of climate change mitigation and adaptation Over 70% of the world’s forests are managed by governments and this is why forest agencies must be able to adapt and learn, and must be successfully led by Leaders with a strong understanding of the global environment and trends that impact the forest sector.
  • This analysis co-authored by eight former leaders of public forest agencies from across the world reflects on transitions in forest governance and lessons learned for forest agency leaders over the past decade. It highlights the importance of new and innovative efforts to reduce deforestation, promote transparency and inclusiveness, and engage citizens.
  • Since 2005, forest agency leaders meet every year to discuss global trends affecting forest lands, industry and trade, and how agencies should respond to new demands for forest lands and adapt to the new challenges of forest governance.
  • To make an investment option more attractive and economically sustainable over the long-term, two criteria must be met: informational transparency, and a stable business environment.
  • A series of international workshops to better prepare and inform both government officials and civil society organizations for the challenges of forest regulatory reform in their respective countries
  • Eight former leaders of public forest agencies across the world co-authored this think piece highlighting five key recommendations for public forest agencies in the twenty-first century
  • A series of international seminars to provide senior government officials with a deeper understanding of global forest governance issues, while preparing them to meet the challenges that lay ahead.

What is MegaFlorestais?

MegaFlorestais is a truly unique forum: this informal network brings together leaders from forest agencies of the 12 most forested countries in the world and helps them to improve forest governance and find solutions to the challenges they encounter. These discussions are particularly critical as forests provide a range of essential services (e.g., clean air and water, timber, food), and over 70% of the world’s forests are managed by governments.

Over its 10+ years of existence, MegaFlorestais and its suite of activities has become an effective tool to accelerate learning, innovation, and implementation of a common suite of new policy decisions among forest agencies.