02Nov 2017

Each year when our forest leaders come together for MegaFlorestais—a forum for forest agency leaders from the world’s most forested countries—something different inspires and challenges me. The most recent meeting in Canada in October elicited a number of surprises, from innovations in forest products to the use of new technology to monitor forests. Big transformations are […]

20Oct 2017

Communities, Commerce, and the Bioeconomy: Innovations to Sustain the World’s Forests The twelfth meeting of MegaFlorestais was held in Vancouver and on Quadra island, in British Columbia, Canada, on October 15-20, 2017 and co-hosted by the Canadian Forest Service-Natural Resources Canada, the Rights and Resources Initiative, and the Province of British Columbia. Delegations from the following […]

20Dec 2016

This November, two pieces of good news have come from Brazilian communities that are working with the sustainable management of their forests. The Bailique Archipelago communities, in the State of Amapá, at the mouth of the Amazon River, have recently been visited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for an evaluation of how they manage […]

31May 2016

Amid political turmoil in Brazil, what will become of indigenous rights? What can Indigenous Peoples in Brazil expect from these times of rapid political change and constant turmoil? Is it possible that the new interim government will reverse the damaging trends of the previous government – now removed from power, waiting for an impeachment trial? […]

19Apr 2016

Public Forest Reform and Green Growth Post-Paris The eleventh meeting of MegaFlorestais was held in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, on April 19-22, 2016, and co-hosted by the State Forestry Administration of China and the Rights and Resources Initiative, in collaboration with the US Forest Service and the European Forestry Institute. Delegations of the following countries attended […]

08Sep 2015

Side event on “Driving Change in Forest Governance: Public Forest Agencies in the Twenty-First Century” Date: September 8, 2015 | 18:15-19:30 Location: Durban, South Africa Organizers: MegaFlorestais, Rights and Resources Initiative, FAO Background Governing the world’s forests today is not the same as in the early 20th century, or even a few years ago. In […]

13Apr 2015

MegaFlorestais celebrates a decade of convening global forest leaders to find innovative solutions to global challenges Rapid changes in the world’s climate and rising pressures on its natural resources have pushed its forests into a constant state of flux. For this reason, many leaders of public forest agencies across the world have come to realize […]

13Apr 2015

Combating deforestation and encouraging forestry’s contribution to green growth: the role of tenure, trade and government policy The tenth meeting of MegaFlorestais was held in Madre de Dios and Yucay, Peru, on April 13-17, 2015, co-hosted by the National Forest and Wildlife Service of Peru, and in cooperation with the Rights and Resources Initiative, the […]

30Sep 2014

Blog post originally published on Down to Earth. To see original post, please click here. For the past eight years, leaders of public forest agencies from the world’s most forested countries have been taking part in a series of meetings. This informal group, MegaFlorestais, discusses challenges and shares experiences on critical issues affecting forests and […]

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