Under the auspices of MegaFlorestais, several publications were published highlighting the importance of forest governance and the role of public agencies.

MegaFlorestais, an informal network of public forest agency leaders, was founded in 2005 and has met annually since. It has played an important role in accelerating sharing and learning between forest agencies over the last 11 years. This strategy is built upon the MegaFlorestais assessment of 2014, a 2016 brainstorming meeting to craft a new […]

Authors: Jim Smyle (former Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist at the World Bank), Sally Collins (former Associate Chief of the United States Forest Service and MegaFlorestais Co-Chair), and Claire Biason (MegaFlorestais coordinator, Rights and Resources Initiative) This brief is directed towards public forest sector policy and decision makers involved with the regulation and oversight of […]

Eight former leaders of public forest agencies across the world co-authored a think piece highlighting five key recommendations—stemming from the lessons learned during the first nine years of MegaFlorestais— that forest agencies need to embrace in order to address a future challenged by declining natural forests in the tropics (due largely to deforestation and climate change), […]