• Annual Meetings

    Since 2006, forest agency leaders of the MegaFlorestais network have been meeting yearly to discuss global trends affecting forest lands, industry and trade, and how agencies should respond to new demands for forest lands and adapt to the new challenges of forest governance. These informal meetings aim to foster closer relationships between forest agencies, collectively strengthening their abilities to play leading roles in advancing sustainable forestry and forestry’s contribution to global social and economic development.

  • Next Generation of Forest Agency Leaders

    In 2009, forest agency leaders of MegaFlorestais recommended the creation of a leadership seminar for the next generation of forest agency leaders in major forested countries. In 2010, under the auspices of MegaFlorestais and in collaboration with the Rights and Resources Initiative and the U.S. Forest Service, the seminar came to fruition. This seminar series brought together senior executives from forest agencies and related public agencies who are poised to become executive leaders within the next five years. By exposing these officers to cutting-edge analysis and information, the seminar aims to provide them with a deeper understanding of global forest governance issues, while preparing them to meet the challenges that lay ahead.

  • Rethinking Forest Regulations

    This workshop series was designed at the request of agency leaders to better prepare and inform both government officials and civil society organizations for the challenges of forest regulatory reform in their respective countries. By discussing the case of Montana, these workshops have exposed participants to successful and innovative regulatory models.

  • Publications

    Under the auspices of MegaFlorestais, several publications were published highlighting the importance of forest governance and the role of public agencies.

  • Study Tours

    Taking advantage of relationships developed through the MegaFlorestais network, several study tours have taken place over the years to promote exchange of experience and best practices.