Forests in 300 years and actions now to secure them

The ninth meeting of MegaFlorestais was held on May 5-9, 2014, and was co-hosted by the Cameroonian Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, in cooperation with the Rights and Resources Initiative. Delegations of the following countries/organizations attended the meeting: Cameroon, Canada, China, COMIFAC, DR Congo, Gabon, Indonesia, Sweden, and the USA.

The meeting in Buea focused on “Forests in 300 years and actions now to secure them” continuing the focus on forest tenure and governance, policy and regulations. In addition, the meeting discussed market and business trends affecting forest lands use and markets, and how agencies should respond to new demands for forest lands. As always, experts from around the world presented global perspectives on all of these issues.

Topics discussed

  • The Future of Forest and Citizen Demand;
  • Challenges in Managing Tropical Forests;
  • The State of Climate Change and Carbon Rights;
  • Rethinking Conservation for the 21st Century; and
  • Forest Agencies of the 21st Century – Reflection on the key principles.

Field trip: Visit to Bokwango, Limbe’s botanic garden and wildlife refuge center, and Alpicam timber processing factory

The group visited Bokwango to learn more about Mount Cameroon National Park and see how the 41 surronding villages have taken more active roles in conservation, especially through the example of the co-management of Prunus Africana.
The group then visited Limbe’s 120 year old botanic garden. It is part of the Cameroonian authorities’ conservation efforts and preserves endangered species and plant varieties while enhancing the livelihoods of local communities nearby through honey production, craft, etc. At the wildlife refuge center, participants saw how endangered species or hurt animals are being protected and reintroduced in their natural habitat. In its 20 years of activity, the center has rescued nearly 4500 animals (primates, birds, small mammals and reptiles).
Lastly, the group visited Alpicam, a certified and high value timber processing factory in Bonaberi (Douala).


  • Synopsis (including the agenda and list of participants) Available in English and French
  • Video of the event


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