The Architecture of Forest Governance in the 21st Century

The eight meeting of MegaFlorestais was held on October 21-26, 2013, and co-hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, in cooperation with the Rights and Resources Initiative. Twenty-five delegates came from ten countries: Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, DRC, Indonesia, Mexico, Myanmar, Peru, and the Republic of Korea.

The meeting in Bali focused on “The Architecture of Forest Governance in the 21st Century” that continued the discussions that started last year on how the forest agencies of the future should be designed, with emphasis on forest governance and planning. In addition, the meeting discussed market and business trends affecting forest lands used and markets, and how agencies should respond to new demands for forest lands.

During this meeting, new MegaFlorestais Co-Chairs were elected: Antonio Carlos Hummel, Director General of the Brazilian Forest Service and Tom Rosser, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada.

Topics discussed

  • Market and Business Trends Affecting Forest Land Use and Markets;
  • New Demands for Forest Lands;
  • Forest Planning in Times of Land Use and Tenure Transitions;
  • Government and Bureaucracy in the 21st Century: Managing Organizational Change; and
  • Rethinking Forest Agencies, Key Principles and Recommendations.

Field trip: Visit of Penglipuran Traditional Village and its Community Bamboo Forest and the Mangrove Information Center in Denpasar

The groups visited the Penglipuran village that is well-known for its tidy row of traditional Balinese entrance gates and its unique architectural traditions. The 75-hectare bamboo forest is located in the northern part of the village.


Synopsis (including the agenda and list of participants)