On May 27-31, 2013, Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) and the National Forest Commission of Mexico (CONAFOR) hosted the fourth Next Generation of Forest Agency Leaders Seminar. 18 forest leaders from 9 countries (Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru and the United States) gathered there, as well as 7 respected scholars and practitioners from around the world and representatives of the co-organizers.

The weeklong meeting exposed the participants to tenure reform, the forest industry in transition, community forestry, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and challenges with regulations in a relaxed and open setting that encouraged active participation. Through presentations, group discussions and a field trip to a variety of different tenured lands, participants left with a deeper understanding of global transitions and issues in forest governance. For the second time, a day was devoted specifically to leadership to discuss the unique challenges that forest leaders are facing around the world.

Seminar’s objectives

  • Better prepare the next generation of public forest agency senior leaders to lead in a more complex social, political, environmental and market context.
  • Engage senior executives from forest ministries and related public agencies in cutting-edge analysis and information for a deeper understanding of global transitions in forest tenure and governance, and markets.
  • Promote improved information sharing and networks among these agency leaders through frank and open dialogue in a small group setting where problems and solutions can be discussed openly.
  • Strengthen contributions of forest agencies to addressing land rights, poverty alleviation, governance, conservation and climate change challenges in their countries.


  • Synopsis (including the agenda and list of participants)